since 1947

The string vibrations of wooden intruments travel faster at the center of the body than they do at the top and back.
By placing a cross-grained piece of wood at this center position of the body,
 sound is reflected back towards the top and back of the instrument four times faster than on a standard guitar.

This groundbreaking new body construction offers dramatically increased sustain and note clarity
that can actually be felt "streaming" through your body as you play.
In addition, the multi-directional grains offer a stunning visual appearance unmatched by standard instruments.
In 1983 we created the same effect with the revolutionary aluminum-alloy body of our original Talbo guitar and bass.
Now after two decades of research and development
we have suceeded in producing the same long sustain and clear sound
with the added warmth and aesthetic appeal of a wooden body.

If you are ready for an entirely new level of sound quality and performance,
then it's time you entered the sound stream.